Can a DUI charge affect housing?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

DUIs are serious charges in North Carolina. The seriousness depends on the amount of times you commit a DUI and the circumstances surrounding your DUI. If you were in an accident, you may have worse consequences than if it is your first DUI traffic stop. The consequences, either way, stick with you. You may have fees, jail time or even license restrictions. How can a DUI affect your future after the legal consequences? Can it affect your housing?

The answer is that yes; it can affect your ability to rent. According to For Rent, landlords do perform criminal background checks. When a landlord sees a DUI in your background check, he or she may decide not to rent to you. This might sound discouraging, but there are circumstances that can help your chances.

Be upfront with your landlord before the background check. Property owners respect someone who can give them an honest recount of any negative marks upfront. They may respond better if they hear it from the tenant rather than seeing it in the background check. In addition, this gives you an opportunity to explain your incident. You can remark on the steps that you are taking to better yourself and to avoid a DUI charge again.

It may also matter if you faced felony or misdemeanor charges. A felony charge carries more weight on a background check.  To rent a home or apartment with a felony is more difficult than if you have a misdemeanor.

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