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Advocating For You In North Carolina Criminal Courts

A serious misdemeanor or felony criminal charge can rob you of your freedoms and cast doubt on your future. You do not have to surrender to this bleak outlook. Retaining the most experienced defense attorney possible could result in restoration of your rights and preservation of your prospects.

In Hillsborough, Raleigh-Durham and surrounding areas, the law firm to turn to for insightful representation that produces measurable results is Dickerson Law Firm, P.A.. With over 60 years of combined experience, our dedicated attorneys are devoted to helping you stay ahead of the curve when you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges in state or federal court.

Decades Of Trial Experience, A Track Record Of Success

At Dickerson Law Firm, P.A., we explore every avenue for getting the charges brought against you dismissed or reduced in severity. We will carefully examine every detail surrounding your arrest, to detect any trace of law enforcement overreach. Our access to investigators, ability to bargain with prosecutors, and talent for arguing before judge and jury are hallmarks of our practice.

We will aggressively defend your interests when you stand accused of a variety of criminal offenses, including:

  • Drug charges – possession, trafficking, cultivation, importation and more
  • Violent crimes – domestic violence, armed robbery, assault, battery and others
  • Weapons violations – possession without a permit, felon in possession, etc.
  • Larceny and property crimes – theft, burglary, breaking and entering, and others
  • Juvenile offenses — such as vandalism, underage drinking and shoplifting
  • DWI/DUI — drunk driving, alcohol-related vehicular manslaughter or homicide
  • Probation and parole violations – failure to abide by conditions of probation or parole
  • Traffic citations and violations — moving violations, reckless driving and offenses leading to license suspension

At Dickerson Law Firm, Caring Is The Cornerstone Of Our Success

When a state or federal conviction and harsh punishments like imprisonment, stiff fines and criminal record loom over your life, contact us immediately. We are the defense law firm that stays “ahead of the curve,” on your behalf.

We care about what happens to you. We will listen to your concerns and truly want to hear your version of what happened. Once we discuss the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we can chart a course of action to limit the consequences you’re facing. This important conversation occurs during your initial consultation. Call us today at 919-241-5178 or feel free to reach out to us online.