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Clearing Your Criminal Record Through Expungement

Many people misunderstand what does and does not remain on their criminal record in North Carolina. One common misconception is that once a criminal charge is dismissed, all evidence of the charge disappears with it. That is not always the case. In fact, charges can linger on a person’s record. Another misconception is that you are considered a juvenile until the age of 18 and, therefore, any charges prior to your 18th birthday will not be on your permanent record. In North Carolina, you are considered an adult in criminal court at the age of 16. Sometimes, an expungement is necessary to clear a criminal record of criminal convictions and other matters. The lawyers at Dickerson Law Firm can help.

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Our strong work ethic is a critical component of the services we provide. Our attorneys are not content to look for easy answers or shortcuts. We will put in the time and effort to see that you get the level of representation you truly deserve. We will work hard to clear your criminal record.

Expungement Is A Complicated Process

You must apply for expungement by petitioning the county court where you were charged. The requirements for expungement depend upon the charges, your age and your case’s outcome, just to name a few factors. If you can make it through these legal hurdles, an expungement can benefit you in a wide range of criminal charges or convictions, including:

  • Assault and battery
  • Drug charges (drug possession, drug sales and possession of drug paraphernalia)
  • Theft, larceny and property crimes
  • Domestic violence

The rules regarding who can qualify for expungement are complex. Not every case can be expunged. The law contains many qualifiers and disqualifiers. You need an experienced criminal attorney to help you determine whether your case may qualify for expungement and make sure you complete all the correct paperwork.

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At our law firm, we care about our clients. We understand the impact that a criminal record can have on your life. It can prevent you from getting the job you want; it can prevent you from traveling to other countries; it can have an impact on where you live and more. We are here to assist you with an expungement of your criminal record so that you can move forward with your life toward a brighter future.

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