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Protect Your Driver’s License From Revocation And Suspension

Driver’s license revocation or suspension can have a serious impact on your life. If you are like most people, you drive your car every day. You use it to go back and forth to work, to take your children to school or run errands. You have the right to defend yourself and to fight to protect your ability to continue your everyday driving.

The lawyers at Dickerson Law Firm are here to help you protect your privilege to drive. We have more than 60 years of combined experience standing up for people against criminal and civil charges in Hillsborough and throughout the surrounding area. Our team understands the process and knows what it takes to help you keep your driver’s license.

Threats To Your License

You may face a driver’s license suspension or revocation in several situations. We can help you defend your license under any of those, including:

  • Drunk driving charges (DWI)
  • Habitual traffic offenses
  • Failure to appear in court for a traffic citation
  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license

We will work with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to find options to allow you to continue driving. From fighting the traffic violation itself to standing up for you in a DMV administrative hearing, we are prepared to take every possible step to protect your rights.

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Caring is the cornerstone of our success. We care about you and your ability to drive. Our attorneys understand the impact that a driver’s license revocation or suspension can have on your life. We are ready to fight to prevent that impact. Let us be your advocates.

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