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Strong Representation For DWI Charges

Last updated on December 23, 2020

North Carolina is getting tough on drunk drivers. A drunk driving conviction may lead to a driver’s license suspension, large fines and jail time. Your insurance rates might increase, and it could affect your job. You need a strong legal defense to protect your driving record against a DWI (driving while impaired) offense.

At Dickerson Law Firm, our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers helps people face difficult legal problems. We are ready to advocate for your rights. Since 1973, we have stood up for the rights of people in Hillsborough and throughout the surrounding parts of North Carolina.

Forming Your Defense Strategy

We have gone to great lengths to learn about the tools and techniques used by law enforcement in drunk driving cases to help us prepare strong defenses against them. We hold certifications in the field sobriety tests used by the police. This helps us attack each phase of the opposition’s case against you. From challenging the administration of the field sobriety tests to questioning the validity of the traffic stop and the probable cause used to arrest you, we will fight to see that your rights are not taken for granted.

In addition to DWI charges, sometimes referred to as DUI, our lawyers can defend you against other traffic offenses and alcohol-related charges, including underage drinking and possession of a fake ID. We do not want to see your future jeopardized because of one mistake. Our attorneys are willing to put in the time and effort to see that you get the defense you deserve.

Contact Attorneys Who Get Results

The effort we put forth to get results for our clients has earned us a reputation in this area. We want to show you how valuable our commitment to your rights can be in your DWI case. We dedicate ourselves to doing what is right for you because we care about each client.

When you choose Dickerson Law Firm to handle your case, we will go to work for you. Contact us at 919-241-5178 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation regarding your DWI defense case.