Relocation, estrangement and divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Family Law |

Marriages are sometimes brought to an end abruptly, without very much warning. On the other hand, some people file for a divorce after months or even years of anticipating the end of their marriage. For example, some couples live apart for an extended period of time, and they may agree that ending the marriage is necessary but postpone the divorce for various reasons. From estrangement to relocating to another city, state or even country, there are many issues to consider when it comes to approaching the divorce process while one spouse lives somewhere else.

In the event that a spouse has become estranged, divorce may be difficult because it is virtually impossible to contact the individual. However, this should not prevent someone from pursuing a divorce if they are determined to move on. Likewise, even when a spouse lives in another state, it can be hard to think about divorce issues due to different laws, one spouse’s inability to attend court hearings and so on. Sometimes, relocation in and of itself can be very demanding and people may have no energy or mental capacity to think about the process of getting a divorce.

Whether you and your spouse have been living apart for a number of years or one of you recently moved, it is imperative to make sure that you take the right approach to your divorce. The decisions that you make during this time could impact your future and potentially alter the course of your life, for better or worse. Make sure that you are thoroughly prepared beforehand.