Dealing with an unfavorable custody evaluation

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Family Law |

Child custody can be an especially challenging aspect of divorce for many couples, and in some cases, a bitter dispute can arise over how custody should be awarded. In some instances, a couple that is ending their marriage may have to work with a custody evaluator, whether they have been appointed by the court or a couple has decided to hire a private evaluator. Evaluators can be helpful when it comes to determining how to serve a child’s best interests, but there are a number of issues to consider and some parents have a very hard time dealing with an unfavorable evaluation.

For starters, an unfavorable custody evaluation does not necessarily mean that a parent will have an unfavorable outcome in court. These are, after all, recommendations, and a parent may be able to prove that the recommendations are not in their child’s best interests (especially if they have new evidence or information to support their case). Moreover, custody evaluators are prone to error, and some people have benefited from hiring another evaluator to review the situation.

Custody evaluations can be incredibly stressful, and many parents worry about their relationship with their kids following an unfavorable custody evaluation. However, it is critical to handle these concerns properly and stay focused on the custody case. There are a variety of strategies that parents may want to review in order to secure a better outcome in court and parents should focus on their child’s well-being and use this as a source of motivation. Please look over our blog for more child custody topics.