Havelock commissioner arrested on sexual abuse charges

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Given the proliferation of media that has occurred in recent years, it may be difficult to keep news of the arrest of a person in Hillsborough from quickly going public. The trouble with this is that those facing criminal charges have the right to have their cases heard by an audience that has no already been prejudiced against them by details released in the local news. Law enforcement authorities may attempt to keep important details related to a case away from the general public, yet oftentimes the very nature of certain criminal charges (or the unique circumstances of a case) might automatically prompt a rush to judgment. 

One can only hope that this is not what happens in the case of a member of the Havelock Board of Commissioners who was arrested shortly into the New Year. The man (who serves as an athletic coach at a local high school as well as in the community), as taken into custody without incident. While specific details related to the charges against him were not released, law enforcement authorities did report that he is facing multiple charges related to the sexual exploitation of minors. 

News of a man who works with youth potentially abusing them might be enough for many to automatically assign guilt before the facts of a case can ever be presented. This can be dangerous due to one not having the benefit of pleading their case before impartial observers. Thus, those facing criminal charges must fight to ensure that their rights are protected. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in one’s corner during this time may help in succeeding at such a fight.