Shooting incident leads to weapons charges

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

North Carolina police recently arrested a man they say was involved in a shooting incident. He was booked into an area jail and is facing several different weapons charges, including discharging a firearm within city limits. A judge set his bond at $102,000 and he is set to appear in court in late April 2020.

On April 16, 2020, police were notified of a shooting and responded to the scene at approximately 5 p.m. It is not clear if the 27-year-old shooting victim was still at the scene when they arrived, but they were later notified that he was transported to the hospital in a personal vehicle. He received treatment at the hospital, but none of his injuries were considered to be life-threatening.

While the victim was on his way to the hospital, police searched the area looking for a man fitting the description provided by witnesses. They eventually located the 32-year-old defendant a short while later, at which time he was arrested. The shooting incident is still under investigation, so it is possible that the authorities may choose to file additional charges.

Serious weapons charges like those for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill can alter the course of a person’s life. This is an understandably difficult situation for a defendant to face, especially if he or she feels completely overwhelmed by the process of creating a strong criminal defense. This may be partly because North Carolina criminal law can be confusing, although a knowledgeable attorney can usually help a defendant better understand his or her options and rights.