2 women face drug-related criminal charges

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North Carolina police say they arrested two women after one allegedly returned to a store to collect illicit items. A $300,000 secured bond was set for the woman who was spotted returning to the store, while the bond for the other woman was set at $2,500. Both are facing multiple criminal charges, including felony drug possession and felony drug trafficking.

Drugs located at a beauty salon

The two women — aged 32 and 25 — had reportedly visited a beauty salon and left behind a bag containing illegal drugs and paraphernalia. A short while later, police officers received a call related to the apparent bag of drugs that had been left behind. Responding officers claim they observed the 32-year-old woman returning to the salon in order to recover the bag.

Both she and the 25-year-old were interviewed multiple times by police before they were arrested. Police also reported that the bag contained several other bags of drugs and paraphernalia. These included:

  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • A smoking pipe

Criminal charges can easily derail a person’s life. From dealing with the actual criminal court process to facing consequences such as jail time and fines, it may feel as if life can never be the same again. Getting the right guidance can be helpful though, especially for defendants in North Carolina who are unsure of how to proceed. Whether considering negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution or fighting the charges to one’s fullest extent, working closely with a knowledgeable attorney may prove advantageous.