Traffic stop leads to drug charges

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Although it might be more well-known in regards to illegal drugs, fentanyl is also a prescription synthetic opioid that has its uses in medicinal settings. However, having or using fentanyl without a proper prescription is both dangerous and illegal and can lead to drug charges. One North Carolina woman was recently arrested for having fentanyl in her vehicle and is: 

  • Charged with two counts of drug trafficking 
  • Charged with misdemeanor child abuse 
  • Being held on $100,000 bond 

Traffic stop leads to drug charges 

The arrest was the result of a traffic stop that involved a 24-year-old woman. The woman’s 4-year-old daughter was also in the vehicle at the time. Although it is not entirely clear why police chose to pull the woman over, authorities did state that she was involved in an investigation. 

Police decided to conduct a search of the woman’s car at some point during the traffic stop. They claim that they found 2 kilograms of the drug fentanyl in her vehicle. According to authorities, fentanyl is anywhere from 50 to 100 times as potent as morphine, and 2 kilograms would be enough to kill as many as half a million people. 

Drug charges of any kind are serious enough as it is, but they can be even more complicated when children are also involved. While no two criminal cases are exactly alike, most defendants in North Carolina face similar legal consequences, such as fines and jail time. Defendants who are eager to minimize these and other possible consequences may find it helpful to conduct a thorough review of their charges and all evidence alongside the careful guidance of their attorneys, as this can provide valuable insight on how to proceed.