Fatal crash leaves 1 facing multiple charges

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

While being involved in a collision can be stressful under any circumstance, the situation may grow even more daunting should the incident claim the life of someone involved. The memory of a fatal accident is something that might remain with a person for years to come and if one stands accused of unlawful behavior, the repercussions thereof could have a lingering impact on one’s life. A man in North Carolina is facing DWI charges following a recent car accident that is said to have left one person with severe injuries and led to the death of a 21-year-old motorcycle rider. 

Reports of the crash 

Authorities say they responded to the scene of a motorcycle-related crash on a recent Monday night. Initial investigations indicate it began when the driver of a car lost control and drifted across the median before crashing into two oncoming motorcycles. Reports indicate that one of the riders was taken to a hospital with severe injuries, while the other rider died at the scene. 

No further information was provided as to how authorities came to suspect the presence of impairment. However, the driver of the car is reportedly facing numerous felony charges in relation to the accident, including allegations of driving while impaired. A conviction for similar charges carries serious penalties that could take a devastating toll on one’s life and those who face such scenarios might not always know their options or understand how best to respond to the situation. 

Where to turn for advice 

Individuals who face DWI charges stemming from a fatal collision could find it helpful to seek advice prior to responding to the allegations. By consulting with an attorney, a person in North Carolina may obtain much needed insight in evaluating all his or her legal rights and options and preparing to make informed choices about the situation. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can assist a client in preparing to seek a lesser sentence during subsequent legal proceedings.