Will you receive financial support after your divorce?

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The end of your marriage will bring significant financial changes to multiple areas of your life. It can be difficult to pick up the pieces and move forward, adjusting to life on one income. You will have to make adjustments to your lifestyle and other aspects of your life, and you may be unsure of how you can manage on your own. If you are the lesser-earning spouse, a divorce can be detrimental to your financial capabilities and other aspects of your life. 

In some situations, the lesser-earning spouse may be eligible for certain types of financial support. Known as alimony or spousal support, the higher-earning spouse may make payments to the other spouse in order to offset any financial inequities brought about by divorce. If you believe you could be eligible, it may be beneficial to learn more about who will get this support and how much you could expect. 

The basics of spousal support 

A couple may make an out-of-court decision on the issue of spousal support, or a court may order one spouse to pay the other. These payments could be permanent, or they may be short-term, set for a duration that would allow a spouse to return to school or find additional income sources. Factors that may determine the payment of child support and the amount include: 

  • Length of the marriage 
  • Lifestyle enjoyed by both spouses during the marriage 
  • Age and physical status of both spouses 
  • Emotional state of each spouse 
  • Ability of a spouse to reenter workforce or find new employment 
  • Physical disability of either spouse 
  • Ability of spouse to support the other without undue financial hardship 

Spousal support can be an emotional and difficult issue to address during your North Carolina divorce. It may be helpful to remember that you have the right to seek your fair share of marital property and the post-divorce financial support to which you believe you are rightfully entitled.  

Your post-divorce future 

There is much at stake for you during your divorce. Your financial interests are on the line, and the terms to which you agree now could affect your life for years to come. It will be in your interests to seek guidance regarding how you can fight for the best possible outcome to your divorce order. This may include seeking spousal support for a specific period of time or long-term.