Preserving your interests through expungement

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An arrest or conviction of a crime can have a significant effect on your future. Even if it is your first offense, this event can impact your job opportunities, your reputation, your personal freedom and many other aspects of your life in North Carolina. You may be able to rectify some of the issues you are facing by cleaning your criminal record. If you qualify, you may be eligible for an expungement, which is the process of removing an arrest or conviction from your record.

By cleaning your criminal record, you may find that more options are available to you. This can be significant for your future, providing you with the opportunity to put your past behind you and pursue a better future. If you are struggling with the implications of a criminal conviction, you will benefit from seeking an understanding of how expungement works and what you can do to preserve your long-term interests.

Expungement can change your life

Many view expungement as the process of removing a criminal conviction or arrest from one’s record. In reality, this is the process of sealing a conviction or arrest so that it is not visible during background checks and for most purposes. If it is an expungement, you are not under legal requirement to disclose that arrest or conviction to potential employers and others. Expungements are particularly useful for background checks, including those related to your employment, housing applications, school applications and more.

Not everyone who has a mark on his or her criminal record is eligible for an expungement. There are different factors that could affect whether or not this is an option for you, including the location of the crime or arrest, the specific type of offense, your age at the time of the offense and the outcome of the case against you. It is helpful to seek an understanding of your legal options regarding the cleansing of your criminal record.

Know your rights

You have the right to seek the best possible outcome to your case, whether already convicted or after an arrest. There is a lot at stake for you with a mark on your criminal record, and it may be helpful for you to seek the guidance and support of a professional who can help you seek an expungement. With your future on the line, your quick action may have a positive effect on the outcome of your case.