Are there easier ways to divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Family Law |

Some couples hesitate to separate for fear that getting a divorce will lead to a courtroom battle. However, divorce does not need to be this complicated. In North Carolina, you can utilize solutions that might help simplify your separation and reduce the need for divorce litigation.

One of these solutions involves drafting a separation agreement, a private contract in which you and your spouse agree on child custody, property division, and other matters related to your separation. Couples do not need such a contract to separate legally, but it might help in preventing lengthy disputes.

Here are three reasons why such solutions might be a good fit to your needs.


Traditional divorce may require you and your spouse to attend several hearings, meetings, and other steps throughout its various stages, and it may take years to complete. Alternative divorce solutions like a separation agreement usually depend on the couple’s schedule and not on the court calendar, so completing them within a shorter period is possible.


Numerous factors can make traditional divorce quite expensive. On top of paying for the different professional services needed throughout the process, you might also have to take some time off work for hearings and court-ordered meetings. In most cases, the longer the process, the more expensive the divorce.


In a traditional divorce litigation, the judge usually decides on crucial aspects like custody and property division. This decision may not work in your favor. Alternative dispute resolution options for divorce allow you and your spouse to negotiate the terms of your divorce until you draft a settlement agreement that best meets your needs.

By and large, these solutions follow rules that are not as formal as those in traditional divorce, so they might offer more flexibility in scheduling and negotiating terms. Professionals who specialize in these solutions can help you determine if such approaches work for your situation.