Drone flying mistakes that could lead to criminal charges

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Seeing the world from above has never been easier with drones. The freedom that flying a drone offers may tempt you to explore locations that you physically cannot access. Still, Kentucky has restrictions on where and how you fly these unmanned aircraft systems.

Whether you are just starting or are a seasoned drone pilot, flying responsibly is crucial to avoid criminal charges.

Tips for flying drones responsibly

Do not mistake open spaces as a free pass to fly a drone. Be cautious of the many invisible boundaries that exist. To begin, familiarize yourself with some basic rules, such as:

Review and comply with Kentucky’s drone regulations before you launch to avoid facing legal consequences. Here are some critical mistakes to avoid:

Flying over private property

Flying over private property without consent is not a good idea. It is illegal to take pictures or videos of someone while they are at home without their permission. No matter how careful you are, you risk violating someone’s privacy and getting into legal trouble.

Launching or recovering a drone from a private or state property

Be wary of where you fly or land. Launching or recovering drones on private and government-owned properties without authorization is illegal. Additionally, the rules for flying over local and federal properties, such as government buildings or state parks, may vary. For instance, you must secure a special activity permit before capturing scenic views at a state park.

Flying close to prisons

Keep a safe distance from prisons and correctional facilities. In North Carolina, flying drones within 250 feet above or 500 feet around these buildings is illegal.

Exercise caution when flying a drone

Flying a drone allows you to capture and explore new perspectives. However, overstepping boundaries set by the state may lead to hefty fines, potential lawsuits or criminal charges. If you find yourself in trouble with the law for flying a drone where you should not, consider talking to a lawyer. Acquiring legal help may allow you to handle the situation more effectively and aid in protecting your rights.

Keep your drone adventures fun and legal by flying smart and staying informed.