Tips for building a strong co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Family Law |

Most North Carolina spouses who are facing the prospects of a divorce are probably trying to make certain preparations for their new life moving forward. This can especially be the case if you are bringing an end to your marriage as a parent. Prioritizing your children’s best interests during these challenging times is most likely your primary focus.

Since most child custody arrangements involve both parents spending a healthy amount of quality time with the children, implementing measures to help build and sustain a strong co-parenting relationship could prove invaluable to all parties involved. This can help keep your children happy while also lowering the chances for emotional conflict between you and your former partner. Some of the most common practices that can help bring this reality to fruition for you include the following:

  • Use a monthly calendar: A monthly co-parenting schedule can allow you and the other parent to proactively plan ahead for many of your children’s activities, which can limit a lot of potential stress and confusion for both yourself and your children.
  • Establish a weekly check-in time: This can allow you and the other parent to stay up to date regarding your children’s needs and to quickly adjust to any changes in plans during the coming days.
  • Set boundaries: Respectfully discussing important topics such as plans for birthdays and holidays, what other individuals can be in the presence of your children, and how often you and your former partner should be in direct communication can eliminate some possible sources of contention.
  • Refrain from talking negatively about the other parent to your children: This can create a lot of unnecessary stress for your children by making them feel trapped between both parents.
  • Take advantage of self-care measures: You can refresh and recharge yourself both mentally and physically in times when you don’t have your children by staying socially active, exercising, reading, enjoying nature and many other activities.

Utilizing a therapist for mental health purposes can also help you handle the wide range of emotions involved with trying to maintain an efficient co-parenting relationship. Last but not least, there is professional support and guidance available to you should any custody-related issues arise, including the need to change an existing arrangement. An experienced North Carolina family law attorney can answer all your questions and concerns, explore your potential legal options, and increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome for both you and your children.