These mistakes could upend your criminal defense

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Allegations of criminal wrongdoing can damage just about every aspect of your life. While that can be incredibly stressful to think about, you should take some comfort knowing that there may be strong criminal defense options available to you. But to maximize your chances of successfully availing yourself of those options, you also have to keep your own actions in check. After all, if you’re not careful, you could end up being your own worst enemy in your criminal case.

Avoid these mistakes when under investigation or awaiting trial

Far too often we see people make mistakes that jeopardize their criminal defense and lead to their conviction. You don’t want to do that to yourself. So, if you’re under investigation or have been charged and are awaiting trial, don’t make these mistakes:

  • Talking to the police to try to explain away suspicions since the police might twist your words against you or catch you in inconsistencies that then damage your credibility.
  • Talking to family members and friends about your case, since the prosecution can subpoena these individuals to testify against you.
  • Posting information on social media that can be admitted into evidence against you.
  • Moving through your case too quickly and accepting a plea deal without fully vetting your criminal defense options.
  • Not being honest and transparent with your criminal defense attorney, which can lead to surprises at trial that are difficult to counter.

There are other mistakes that can be made in a criminal case. You’ll want to discuss them with your attorney so that you know what you need to avoid in your set of circumstances.

Build an aggressive criminal defense that protects your interests

Your future is on the line when you’ve been accused of criminal wrongdoing. If you want to protect yourself as fully as possible, then now is the time to start crafting your criminal defense strategy and gathering the evidence needed to support it.