North Carolina driver arrested for DWI

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Following a single-vehicle accident, a North Carolina driver was charged with multiple criminal charges, including resisting a public officer. He is also accused of driving while impaired — DWI. However, because of injuries he suffered in the wreck, he was not immediately arrested. Instead he was transported to an area hospital.

Police were first notified of a possible dangerous driver at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 22, 2020. The driver supposedly veered off the roadway multiple times, almost striking pedestrians at least once. The 40-year-old driver then struck a tree, but he drove away soon after.

Police say they later initiated a traffic stop, which he briefly drove away from. He stopped a second time only a short distance away from the first stop, but then drove off once more. After this, his vehicle left the road one last time. Authorities say that his car somehow went airborne and hit a nearby retention pond’s bulkhead. He was found unresponsive and transported to an area hospital.

His blood was drawn at the hospital to determine his blood alcohol content — BAC — because police suspect that he may have been impaired at the time. The results of the blood draw may influence his current DWI charge, as well as his other two charges. But North Carolina defendants do not have to wait until the authorities complete investigations or finalize charges to start preparing their criminal defense plans. Getting an early start on this process can be helpful for achieving the most favorable outcome possible.