License suspension part of the potential DWI conviction penalties

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The consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be harsh. Most states, including North Carolina, take the prosecution of DWI charges quite seriously due to the potential for harm that arises when someone gets behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

For example, a driver’s license suspension is pretty much an automatic part of the sentence when someone is convicted of DWI.

As stated on the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website, a first conviction for DWI will result in a one-year driver’s license suspension. The same one-year suspension can occur if a suspect refuses to submit to a chemical analysis test during a DWI investigation. Subsequent DWI convictions come with even more severe driver’s license suspensions: a four-year suspension for a second conviction and then a permanent suspension for a third conviction.

Planning your defense

The inconvenience of a driver’s license suspension is just one part of the potential penalties that can occur with a DWI conviction. For first-time convictions, a term of probation supervision is likely. And there is always the possibility of jail time. For subsequent convictions, the threat of incarceration rises. And, of course, there may be fines to pay or court-ordered substance abuse treatment classes to attend.

Proper planning for your defense strategy for DWI charges becomes crucial when you face these potential consequences. If you have been charged with DWI in North Carolina, be sure to carefully consider all available options for your defense strategy and plan accordingly.